With  orthomolecular nutrition, we want, you and I, to create an optimal concentration of nutrients in your body, so  you can recover and get healthy. We accomplish this by using fresh foods and supplements. I am not an orthomolucular physisian and it’s not my goal to send you  a long list of supplements.

I try to use as much fresh food as possible and less supplements. Allthough it will be difficult to recover without supplements

Orthomolecular nutrition is part of naturopathy, this means we heal the body in a natural way, from the core, the molecules. Your body is a whole and every part of your body works toghether as one systeem. You can support your body, even when there are genetic factors who cause healthissues. We call this epigenetics and I think it is the healthcare of the future.

Everone has a different healthhistory and  genes , this is why a personal foodplan is essential. consuming vegetables and highly nutritous foods are the basis of recovery. 

A foodplan is made up after one or several tests have been done. This can be stool, blood, urine or saliva tests. I can not help you if you do not want to be tested.

Do you want to know how we can work together? Mail me to make an appointment or call me on mondaymorning between 10 and 11 hrs for a free  introductory meeting. 

Lisa Goudzwaard

Lisa Goudzwaard, read my personal story here

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Itching, rash, gutproblems, fatique are the most common problems with histamine intolerance.  Histamine is a biogenic amino which responds to food, stress and heat. The problems occur when there is a shortage of enzymes.

Adrenal fatique/burnout, pms, menstrual problems, fatique, low libido, dry skin, depression, hot flashes, menopausal problems, food intolerances, not able to get pregnant, can al be the result of a disbalance of the hormones. 


Almost 1 in 4 people suffer from their intestines. The gut is the basis of our resistance and with that, our health. When there are gutproblems there also problems in other parts of the body. 

Chronic Fatique

Fatique is an expression of a disturbance or disease of the body. We all want to be fit, but how do we achieve that? And what if being tired goes beyond some extraours of sleep?




Fatique, nautious, itching ears, molds, limenails, migraine, foggy head, belly ache, alternating thick and loose stools are all signs of an overgrowth of the Candida yeast.


Concentration problems and hyperactivity  or dreamyness, lethargy can be an expression of a foodintolerance. Exorfines, glutamate or e-numbers can be the cause. Diet can help!  

During the perimenopause the sexual hormones lower, when the body is out of balance and when there are latent complaints, they will be reinforced by the decreasing hormones, it is time to clean up your body and life to get ready for the second stage of life.



Liver cleansing

Whenthe liver and galbladder do not work well toxines can not be properly disposed of  And nutrition in the small intestine can not be well well absorbed.

By cleaning the liver you will feel more energetic and fresh.


Thanks to the advise of Lisa I lost 20 kgs in a short period, I feel a lot more energised and got rid of my headaches! The e-numbers were probably the main problem. I used to have daily headaches, not always as severe, but it was always there. I also do not need to use the omeprazol for my stomachache anymore! 

Monica, Capelle a/d Ijssel

I always had gutproblems and had a lot of histamineissues, I hadeczema and was tired a lot. It turned out I had Candida and with solving that with Lisa’s help I have a lot les complaints, I can even sport now! Something I hadn’t done for years because I felt so tired. I sometimes had to lay in bed for 3 days due to the histamine intolerance. Now my skin and gut are finally at ease.

Sandra Warmerhof, Nijmegen

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